Welcome dear reader to the birthing blog, which begins with a story of the best day of my life, the magic that led me to it, through it, and have opened my eyes to what life is.

As the story is being written, it will be uploaded upon completion of a chapter after a chapter in due course, where feedback would be hugely appreciated  and will be answer with new a new blog post. Pictures and soundtrack will follow, as life is a process of a growth and so is this blog and beautiful Book Forever to be with a space for your story.

This blog is dedicated to Mother.

My Mother

My son’s Mother

Their Mothers

Mother Earth and all the Mothers that have gave birth and have not been loved for it, acknowledged for, thank for it, and often punished. From the depth of my Heart I Thank YOU

As much as this is a story that change my life, I wish this blog to be a place that a Man can share their stories of the time of the pregnancy and the birth and how these precious moments affected their life. Understandably not all the birth stories are full love, joy and gratitude, therefore I wish and hope that this story can aid any given situation  and in time can become a vessel to help those that are in need of support.

There is a plenty of books these days on motherhood, pregnancy ways, diet, yoga exercises, music and so and so forth.  Not much for Men, and loads of us find the whole thing difficult, disturbing, even frightening. Not many Men had a privilege of appropriate father figure and many of us show inability in dealing with emotions that arising through the process. I wish and hope that my simple and humble words will aid the boyhood, manhood, and fatherhood to come. That I pray for. Namaste

One more mother left to thank for. It is a Mother Board that allows my simple words to reach you dear reader.